Shufly Veterans Needed to Help Connect the Dots!

This helicopter has over 100 combat patches and a history only our Enlisted Crew Chiefs and Mechanics can provide. Only they can provide the YL, YP, YS, EM, YN, and YK squadron side number used by each individual squadron to identify this helicopter. These two photographs of the aircraft, still bearing the faded star and bars of the Vietnamese Air Force, show the battle scars highlighted with white dots to better see the massive damage this proud bird endured. How many troops were safely returned to their operation Airfield or Base after a combat flight? With the amount of hits this helicopter sustained in the transmission and tail section area, it must have had to be returned to its squadron repair facility by an S-53 or some heavy helicopter.

This aircraft was flown by every Marine SHUFLY Squadron in Vietnam, with the exception of HMM 365, which served a tour in Vietnam after this helicopter was given to the Vietnamese Air Force.

We are requesting that all Shufly Veterans search their log books, records, sea bags, and footlockers for the old 35MM slides and photos from the Viet Nam era. Please help us find each squadron Crew Chief and Mechanic that helped nurse this proud bird through all those flights and help us find the Crew that flew this helicopter on 27 & 28 April 1964, when HMM 364 became the most decorated helicopter squadron in the Vietnam War.

If you have information to share, please contact us. Thank you!